Fuji Prescale Pressure Measurement Film
Digital Analysis Software
Colorised Prescale is digitized using a scanner and converted into numerical data by software. Various pressure analyses can be conducted.
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Fuji Digital Analysis System for Prescale


The FPD-8010E converts Prescale pressure values into numerical data and is a pressure mapping analysis system that allows various methods of analysis. In order to make Prescale data even more useful, it will meet your requirements for converting to numerical data, saving data and performing data analysis. Click on any of the images below for a large picture.
Overall Measurement
Fuji Prescale Pressure Measurement Film Software
Various data such as average pressure and maximum pressure are displayed.

Partial Enlargement
Partial Enlargement
The specified field is enlarged. (×4,×8,×16) Pin point pressure values can be displayed on the image.
Changing the pressure Bar Setting
Fuji Prescale Pressure Measurement Film Software
The colored pressure bar and the pressure bar boundary can be changed.

Pressure Cross Section
Pressure Cross Section
Pressure distribution on a line passing through a specified point is shown on a line graph.
Wire Frame
Wire Frame
Pressure is displayed in 3-D format.
Pressure Distribution Animation
Pressure Distribution Animation
Step-by-step pressure values are displayed in an animated format.
Text Data
Pressure data is exported to a text file.
Total Weight Distribution
The upper and left segments of the total pressure are displayed on a bar graph.
Histogram Analysis
Pressure on the circumference is displayed as a histogram.
Printing and Saving
The displayed screen and data can be printed. After stored data is re-loaded and displayed, you can store it.
Model FPD-8010E
Main Functions Prescale image input function Pressure distribution display function/ Pressure data output function 3D display function / polar coordinate display function
Scan Sizes Single Read : 297mm × 210mm (11.7 in × 41.3 in)
Maximum : 891mm × 1050mm (35.1 in × 41.3 in)
Resolution 0.125 (200dpi), 0.25 (100dpi), 0.5, 1, 2mm sq.
Dedicated Cover Weight 570g
Dedicated Cover Dimensions 70 (H) × 290 (W) × 364 (D) mm
Packed Items Dedicated software, dedicated cover, calibration sheet, installation manual, software license.
Scanner Please ask your dealer for information on recommended scanner types.
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