AJP Automotive

AJP Automotive is a small design consultancy specialising in automotive powertrain applications, We are agents for the Fuji Prescale and Thermoscale range of tactile pressure measurement films and related products for the UK and Ireland for both Automotive and Industrial markets:-

Fuji Fuji Prescale Pressure Measurement FilmTM Pressure Sensitive film
Fuji Fuji Thermoscale Heat Measurement FilmTM Heat Sensitive Film

Measurement Film enables anyone to measure pressure and heat distribution easily by just cutting to size and inserting as required. This Fujifilm technology fits a wide range of applications and measurement techniques.

Fuji Prescale Pressure Measurement Film
Pressure Measurement Film
Fuji Prescale Pressure Measurement Film

Prescale can measure pressure and visualize pressure range. Red patches appear on Prescale when pressure is applied. The color density changes according to pressure level. (Density: 0.1~1.4) Different kinds of Prescale are supplied to comply with demands to measure a wide pressure range. (0.2~300MPa.) The entire Prescale functions as a sensor and you can see at a glance the whole pressure distribution on it.

Heat Measurement Film
Fuji Thermoscale Heat Measurement Film

A revolutionary new film that enables anyone to measure heat distribution easily by observing the variation in density and hue.

Available in a wide range of temperatures (150°C-200°C) to suit a variety of different applications.

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