Measurement Film from AJP Automotive Ltd

AJP Automotive is a small design consultancy specialising in automotive powertrain applications, We have been appointed agents for the UK and Ireland for Fuji Prescale and Thermoscale and UV scale measurement films since 2006, and have a wealth of experience using the products in Automotive, Aerospace, Packaging and production environments.

The film enables measurement of pressure, heat and also UV light easily by just cutting the film to size and placing where measurement is required. This advanced Fujifilm technology fits a wide range of applications and measurement techniques

Fujifilm Prescale Logo

Prescale is the only film that can measure pressure. Using Fujifilm’s advanced thin film coating technologies you can confirm pressure distribution in a glance.

The colour appears red when pressure is applied with the density changing according to the pressure.


A revolutionary new film that enables anyone to measure heat distribution easily by observing the variation in density and hue.

Available in a wide range of temperatures (150°C-200°C) to suit a variety of different applications.


UVSCALE is a film that responds to UV light, and changes color depending on the amount of light it is exposed.

This makes it easy to see UV light distribution. There are a roll type and a sheet type, with three types for different amounts of light.


Prescale Pressure Analysis System that displays data as cross-sectional distributions and 3d images.


Management by converting colours into numeric values with analysis system.