THERMOSCALE is a revolutionary new film that enables anyone to measure heat distribution easily by observing the variation in density and hue.


The base film is coated with a thermosensitive color-forming layer and a protective layer. This is the non-glossy surface that comes into direct contact with the heat source. The glossy side of the sheet is used to observe the color patterns that represent heat distribution.

How it works

Heat melts the developer and makes the microcapsule walls permeable, allowing developer to enter the microcapsules, where it reacts with the color-forming agent to produce color.


Cut a piece of THERMOSCALE film to the required shape/length and place it on or inside the equipment with the non-glossy side facing the heat source.

Operate the equipment in the normal manner to bring the THERMOSCALE sheet in direct contact with the heat source.

Color patterning is produced on the THERMOSCALE sheet.

Remove the THERMOSCALE sheet and observe from the glossy side. The color patterning indicates the heat distribution over the heating surface.


The extent of color change depends on the temperature of the heat source and the contact time. A shorter contact time produces paler colors with a blue tint. As the contact time increases (at the same temperature), the colors become deeper and take on a red tint. Note that the color change is also influenced by factors such as the type of material on the opposite side (i.e., the non heat source side), thermal characteristics, contact pressure and air flow (see below).


THERMOSCALE uses special technology that regulates color intensity and hue in accordance with heat value to generate a highly accurate depiction of heat values over a wide range. THERMOSCALE is ideal for applications involving analysis of heat distribution during press, roll, and laminate processes and within drying ovens.

Printed substrates, solar panels, protective film laminating

ACF compression bonding, heat seals, Li-ion batteries, solar panels

Nip roll, calendar roll, printing roll, printer roll

Drying oven, baking oven, vacuum film production, measuring surface heat distribution on parts


Product Temperature range Base layer Thickness Size
Roll Type (width x length) Sheet type (height x width)
THERMOSCALE 200C 150°C-210°C *1 PEN 0.09mm 270 mm × 5 m 270 mm × 200 mm × five sheets
THERMOSCALE 100 80°C-105°C *2 PET 0.09mm 297 mm × 10 m —-

* Actual temperature range depends on conditions of use including contact time, materials, pressure, and air flow. *1 Contact time = 5-20 sec